Barefoot Bay

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Located in south Brevard, Barefoot Bay is primarily comprised of retirees and senior citizens. Approximately 6,000 residents live in this riverside community, which is only a short drive from Sebastian Inlet. Because of its location, Barefoot Bay has excellent fishing and recreational opportunities.

Established in 1969, this unique community provides its residents with activities and events year-round. Whether it's dances, horseshoes, water aerobics, or just hanging out by the pool, Barefoot Bay's residents are always on the move. A centrally located community center is the hub of activity while an 18-hole, par-60 golf course provides additional outdoor recreation possibilities.


Residents of Barefoot Bay typically fall into the "Senior Sun Seekers" demographic group: retirees, who are married without children. Nearly a third are single-person households. Their money often comes from Social Security, interest, dividends and pensions and they rank high for investments and savings. Most of their income is disposable.

They own single-family or manufactured homes in newer or established neighborhoods that include seasonal housing for snowbirds. Many keep busy playing golf, traveling, and playing cards as well as fishing, boating, swimming, and enjoying community-based, planned activities such as dances, horseshoes, and shuffleboard tournaments.

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