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The Real Estate Bubble of 2009: Then and Now

It’s been a decade since the real estate bubble in 2009, a recent study shows promising numbers in metro areas have rebounded the most. Find out where they are and what has helped them get there.


Homebuyers Stretching Budgets for the American Dream?

In a competitive market, homebuyers may have to choose between stretching their budget or compromising on amenities.


The Truth Behind Home Flipping

A new report looks at the many factors that go into renovating homes and the headwinds that home flippers face, especially while looking for funding.


The Impact of a Tightening Mortgage Market

A new report that looked into credit and lending gave insights into the rise of fintech lending and where the mortgage market was headed.



The End of Housing Inventory Woes?

Home sales remained cool over the past month but the market is swinging back in favor of homebuyers despite widespread price increases. Nationwide article


The Housing Habits of Millennials

From their preferred down payment amount to the type of mortgage loans they opted for, a study compared how millennials approach homebuying compared to other generations. Here’s what it found.


How Home Prices Can Help Buyers Take the Plunge
A new report has projected home price growth to moderate again this year. Which other factors will provide more opportunity for buyers to purchase their first home?


How Millennials Are Adapting to Rising Prices
Young Americans are meeting the challenging environment of tight supply and rising home prices head-on with this type of mortgage loan.

2019 Real Estate Outlook: What Can Investors Expect?
A report sheds light on real estate trends and opportunities for investors in the U.S amid rising construction costs and rental incomes. Here’s what it revealed.

The Housing Market’s New Normal?
As inventory rises, an analysis found that properties in some of the hottest housing markets aren’t moving as fast as they used to. Here’s what this trend could mean for homeowners looking to sell.


Price Appreciation vs. Housing Demand
Here’s what a study comparing the current state of U.S. housing with the peak of the last cycle revealed about the state of homeownership.




Why 2019 Could Be a Buyers Market
As home price growth continues to slow, a new report looks at how homeowner perceptions could change the market’s outlook.




Housing Finance in 2019
Which legislation and trends are likely to impact housing finance this year? Here’s what experts in this space had to say.




Securing Foreclosure Protections for Veterans
New legislation passed in the Senate will permanently extend foreclosure protections for veterans and their families.



How the Shutdown Impacted Housing
With President Trump signing a deal to reopen the government, federal agencies like HUD will reopen after 35 days. Here’s how the longest shutdown in the nation’s history impacted housing and the institutions associated with it.

It Pays to Be a Landlord
A new study breaks down the wealth gap between consumers who just own their homes and investors who make their incomes from renting out their properties.


Why Luxury Home Prices Have Caught a Cold
Here’s what a new report revealed about the factors that have been responsible for a softening of home prices for luxury properties.

Why are Single-Family Rents Surging?
What does the rise in single-family rent prices mean for aspiring homeowners? A report looks at the areas that experienced growth as well as factors that are likely to have an impact on the SFR market.

Examining the Shifts in Housing Values
What do the current trends in home values and rentals signal? Here's what a report revealed on how changes in home values and rents have impacted the market this past year.

Beware of the Bargain
For potential home buyers, their budget is a critical component to their purchasing decision, so a bargain-priced home can be enticing. But shoppers shouldn’t always take a listing at its word.


What’s the Score?
How does the activity of buying a home impact credit scores? A new report gave insights into this question and where buyers.


Why is the Housing Market Softening at the Top?

An analysis found that it is taking longer to sell a higher priced home in the housing market today and these factors are affecting home sales at the top.


The Dip Before the Rise
The latest Freddie Mac Forecast points to a slowing in home sales as well as the economy by the end of 2018. But here’s what you can expect from housing in 2019.


How Much Longer Will Home Prices Climb?
FHFA’s latest data revealed that select regions experienced the maximum growth in home prices during the year.


Hiking Up Mortgage Payments
As mortgage rates continue to climb buyers, are asking themselves whether they should buy now. A new report analyzes how much more consumers are paying in the rising-rate environment.


Home Maintenance and Repair Projects on the Rise
A new report giving insights into the health of the single-family housing market found an increase in the annual volume of maintenance and remodeling projects. Here are the factors responsible for this upswing.


Navigating Obstacles in Women-Owned Small Business
With October being celebrated as Women-owned Small Business Month, a new webinar will explore how qualifying as a certified women-owned small business can present growth opportunities for organizations led by female entrepreneurs.


HELOCs on the Rise
Lending products that help owners tap into their home equity are poised to rise, according to a new report. What are borrowers using these loans for?

The Housing Choices of Older Americans
As senior-held mortgage debt increases, how are the choices made by older American homeowners likely to impact their home equity and their ability to pay off their mortgage before they retire?

To Own or to Rent: The Question Troubling Homebuyers
With home prices continuing their upward march, a study found that fewer counties had homes where a median-income family could afford to buy. Does this mean renting could soon become a cheaper option for many potential homebuyers?


Fair Housing Act Applies to LGBT Too, Says Court
The Seventh Circuit Court recently ruled that landlords or housing providers could be liable for anti-LGBT abuse towards their residents. Here's what this means for housing and the LGBT community.

Home Prices Are Rising Slowly, But Steadily
Much of the nation is seeing home price appreciation begin to slow down, according to a new report. Which cities across the country are bucking this trend?


Is Home Price Appreciation at the Tipping Point?
The appreciation of home prices is slowing down, according to a new report. See how this moderation can impact the market, as well as the homebuying power of consumers.



What's Holding Back Young American Homebuyers?
Millennials know that purchasing a home is a good investment, yet many young homebuyers are unprepared. A recent report recommended changes that can get this group back on the path to investing in real estate.



First-Time Homebuyers Drive Purchase Loans

Nearly half of all GSE purchase loans were from first-time homebuyers in the second quarter, according to a report. How did affordability and home prices perform during this time?

What’s Causing an Uptick in Foreclosure Starts?
Even as delinquencies are charting at their lowest level since March 2006, a report found that foreclosure starts had risen in July, especially in certain areas around the country.


Predicting Housing Industry’s Growth in 2019
A new industry report predicts fixed mortgages will climb over the coming year but cautions that price growth will slacken. What else is in store for the housing industry next year?



Can Consumers Fulfill Their Debt Obligations?
While consumers expect the access to credit to tighten over the next few months, here’s what a New York Fed survey revealed about consumer expectations on home prices and debt payments.

Predicting Housing Industry’s Growth in 2019
A new industry report predicts fixed mortgages will climb over the coming year but cautions that price growth will slacken. What else is in store for the housing industry next year?


A Decade Later, Where Does Credit Access Stand?
Mortgage borrowing and delinquency rates have changed a lot in the 10 years since the Great Recession, according to a new report which also looked at how access to credit and lending patterns have changed during this time.



Looking into the Housing Market in 2019
Sam Khater, Chief Economist at Freddie Mac speaks to DS News on what’s causing the affordability crunch and the factors that are likely to impact the housing market in 2019.


Home Prices and First-Time Buyers
Home prices, which have been rising steadily, are likely to decelerate over the year, according to a report. Will this herald some relief for young, first-time homebuyers who have been holding back from entering the market?

Why Are Home Sellers Wary of Trading Up?
Home purchase sentiment has reached a plateau, according to a Fannie Mae report, with buyers and sellers citing one particular factor that’s making them rethink their decision.


Rising Home Values Reaching Pre-Recession Peak
The latest market research shows an increase in home values across the top 35 metros, surpassing pre-recession peaks. But what impact are these numbers having on the market as a whole?

10 Metros With the Greatest ROI for Homeowners: Palm Bay is in Top Ten!!
A study found that the annualized return on home sales in the nation’s 100 largest metros ranges from 2 percent to 14 percent. Here’s a look at the metros that top the list. Hint: Homeowners in the Northeast stand to gain the most.


Owning a Home vs. Buying Difficulties
American homeowners don't seem to like the buying process, a new study finds. Click through to learn which generation of homeowners found the journey from being a homebuyer to an owner most difficult.

10 Most Affordable Beach Towns in America: Palm Bay made the List!
For homebuyers looking at settling on the coast, these beach towns offer the best views at the cheapest prices. Which one topped the list? Hint: This town on the Gulf Coast has been on the mend.

How Low Can Foreclosure Rates Go?
Foreclosure rates have continued to dwindle in recent months, and May was no exception. Click through to learn what milestone the national foreclosure rate crossed last month, and whether there are any changes on the horizon.



Appraisal Values vs. Homeowner Perceptions
A recent report found that the gap between homeowner perceptions of their home’s value and appraisal value was closing in. Here's why.



How to Hire a Home Contractor: Tips and Best Practices
Looking for the best contractor for your home construction or renovation? Click through for tips and best practices when hiring a home contractor.

Remove Popcorn Ceilings & Create an Orange Peel Textured Wall!

By removing popcorn ceilings, you are increasing your homes value and ridding your home of the "outdated" look. One important note: If the popcorn was added before 1979, get it tested for asbestos. By adding an Orange Peel Texture, this provides a great updated look for your home.

This Factor Is Keeping Many Homeowners From Moving: Resolution in Brevard County? Hire Lynn with Burley Properties!

May marks the start of moving season, with an estimated 35.7 million Americans relocating yearly, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. But there would actually be many more if not for one thing, a study finds.

Following Home Price Trends
The S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller Home Price Index will gauge the movement of home prices and how these changes affected the housing market.


How Much Are We Spending on New Construction?
May brought changes to the standard trend in construction
spending. How long might this new trend continue? See how it varied, and how it fared compared to a month ago, and this time last year.


Five Tips for Your Home Renovations
If you are going to remodel your home please read this article. The process can be daunting, so make sure you do all your due diligence.

Cool New Tile Ideas for Your Kitchen, Bathroom, and Beyond
If your bathroom or kitchen is plastered in plain old tiles that don’t rock your world, why not shake things up with an update? Look no further than these mind-blowing new tile ideas you can pull off in your own home. Wherever you put them, that area is bound to become the crown jewel of your house.

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