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Lynn Burley was 46th in the top 1000 Real Estate agents in the U.S. in 2015!

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The Thousand is a comprehensive ranking of the top real estate agents in America.
This ranking is published in the Wall Street Journal and is an inclusive ranking of all agents across the U.S.

Client Testimonials

Matt & Melanie D.
7-Time Home Buyers
Indian Harbor Beach, Florida

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"When my family moved down here, we were brand new here and knew nobody around here.  We turned to Lynn to help us out, and she helped us find..."
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Jeff N.
Palm Bay, FL

"Lynn started marketing my property before I finished the remodel and the buyer had to wait on me to get remodel done for the appraisal. I can't scream Lynn's name loud enough! She is extremely proactive!"
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Barbara N.
Palm Bay, FL

"My husband and I had been renting for many years and never imagined we could own our own home. We spent 2 years looking and had 4 Realtors when my husband’s boss sent us to Lynn. The first time I spoke to her, she laid it all out and asked what we wanted. She even informed my husband some of his wishes weren’t realistic in our price range. From the day we met Lynn, she knew what we wanted and we put the first home we saw under contract. She took care of our wants and needs until the day of close. We were in amazement of Lynn’s abilities. Lynn was extremely knowledgeable, very straight forward, to the point and handled everyone and everything, to get the job done right. If you are looking to buy or sell and don’t want to play games, then Lynn is your go to person. Just be prepared to be amazed."

Lauren R.
Rockledge, FL

"Lynn was very knowledge and up front. I knew what to expect during my experience with her. Lynn was able to get my full asking price and sold..."

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Cathy R.
Melbourne, Florida

“I woul highly recommend Lynn. She is very knowledgeable about the current market and educated me as the Seller on what needed to be..." 
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Deb M.
British Columbia, Canada
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My name is Debra and I live in BC, Canada. I've been working as a full-time Property Inves
tor in Florida for almost 4 years. I've had the pleasure of..."
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Candy C.
Palm Bay, Florida

“Lynn Burley is a very patient and dedicated realtor who helped me sell my house expediently. It was important to me that she was always..." 
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Dave H.
Salisbury, MA

"I called Lynn out of the blue, from out of state, to talk about a property. She was accommodating, straight forward, no airs about her. All was as represented. She told me...."
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Rachel & Ray J.
Palm Bay, FL

"Lynn, Rachel & I would like to Thank You for sending the card, It was very thoughtful. Being a home owner has been an adventure..."

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Ryan L.
Palm Bay, FL

"Lynn assisted me with both buying and selling my primary residence in Florida, and I could not recommend her more highly.  She kept me..."

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Dee & Rick J.
Palm Bay, FL

"Lynn knows her way around town and it's corresponding price structures. She gets you the Buyers that can actually qualify to buy the house. NO looky-loos."



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* To ensure the buying or selling of our client’s property is the most rewarding Real Estate transaction imaginable.

* To establish and maintain the highest level of service.

* To provide accurate and up-to-date information, skilled analysis, and sound Real Estate advice.

* To continually explore new ideas and technology so the selling and buying of real estate is more
efficient, enjoyable, and financially beneficial.



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