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"My name is Debra and I live in BC, Canada. I've been working as a full-time Property Investor in Florida for almost 4 years.  I've had the pleasure of having Lynn Burley as my Real Estate Agent for over a year now, and together we have been through the full property purchase, rehab, and flip cycle.  Wow, she has made my life so so much easier. Because I don't physically live in the area that I'm investing in, I really notice and appreciate the "added value" that Lynn provides to her clients. She knows exactly what every investor needs in order to make a smart property purchase, to have a smooth and succesful rehab (if required), and to secure either a very profitable long-term hold or a profitable quick re-sell.  Lynn was there for me every step of the way! She is extremely protective and made sure I had ALL the information I needed! And she has the resources at her fingertips that I can access in order to get the project done. She knows her stuff, and knows how to take care of the details. I would recommend Lynn to any Property Investor or new Home Buyer, whether they live locally or abroad. Thanks Lynn! Let's do more deals!"

Debra M.
March 2016


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