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Incorporated in 1867, Titusville is one of Brevard County's oldest cities. Yet it is located just across the river from where the world's greatest technology lifts off - Kennedy Space Center. On clear days, KSC's Vehicle Assembly Building, which is one of the largest building in the world and where NASA assembles its fleet of space shuttles, is visible across the the Indian River.

More than 43,000 people reside in Titusville, many employed by the Space Center or its contractors. Situated in easy reach of rivers and preserves, Titusville is the perfect location to enjoy all types of outdoor activities. Boating and fishing hot spots are abundant. And there's even a championship golf course.

For those wanting to take in historical sites, Titusville has a restored downtown area which features 79-year-old Emma Parrish Theatre. The playhouse stages performances of all kinds. The stores and boutiques in the downtown area provide a quaint and nostalgic trip into the past for shoppers of all ages.

With its historic background, plentiful recreational opportunities, and proximity to technology, Titusville is a dream community where space and nature meet.


Residents of Titusville typically are middle-aged couples with school-aged and adult children. They are settled in single-family homes and many of these working couples earn more than $50,000 annually. Nearly 20 percent of the population receives retirement income. Even though they own stocks and bonds and have savings accounts, IRAs, and securities, a portion also carry debt on credit cards and loans.

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